Inns and taverns play a significant role in the Witcher universe. The very first story about the witcher begins with Geralt entering Vizima and heading straight for The Fox, one of the two taverns in town. Many telling conversations between Geralt and the people he meets take place at the local inn, both in the novels and in the game.

The Witcher

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Tutorial inns and taverns

In The Witcher, inns and taverns are found throughout the game, except in Chapter V, the Epilogue, and "The Price of Neutrality." They are excellent places to store, or retrieve, items which are of no immediate use and therefore cluttering up precious inventory slots and to buy or sell other items, like alcohol for potion making, or food. They can also be used as places to meditate which is also necessary in potion making.

They are also social places where one can find entertainment, fistfighting and gambling.


Game Interaction icon storage Storage

  • To store an item at, or retrieve an item from, an inn or tavern, first speak with the innkeeper.
  • Left-click on the "storage" icon (sometimes the storage icon is not immediately visible, so a conversation thread must be followed until it is).
  • In Chapter V (Old Vizima) and the Epilogue, Dandelion performs this function in a limited way, no other storage possibilities exist.

Game Interaction icon sleep Meditation

  • To meditate in inns, first speak with the innkeeper.
  • Left-click on the "meditation" icon.

Game Interaction icon shop Buying and selling

Typically these transactions are handled by the waitresses. Just initiate conversation with the waitress and then either ask her using a conversation option what she sells, or just click on the buy/sell icon during dialogue mode. This will open a panel showing you what she has to sell. Also, items she is willing to buy will be highlighted in your own inventory panel on the same screen.

Typical wares include food, drink, as well as some grease. Just double-click on an item to either buy or sell. Happy transacting!


  • You can leave an unlimited number of items in a tavern's storage. You can also recover your stored items at any time, from any inn or tavern. Take note that Chapter V has no inns nor taverns, and therefore no storage possibilities during the act. Only one opportunity is given, by your friendly sidekick Dandelion at the beginning of Chapter V, but that is the one and only time you can speak with him prior to the very final scene in the game.
  • It is advisable to always have one free slot when using storage to retrieve items. There was a bug which caused items to fall on the floor and become unusable (sort of embedded into the floor image).
  • There is an unofficial Kalkstein innkeeper mod available.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

In the second game, there is always a Notice Board in front, near the entrance of an inn. There are two proper inns and one area that functions as an inn since it doesn't even have a door or a roof. Inns and taverns offer storage that carries over its content throughout all three chapters.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In the third game, inns and taverns provide food and drink and Geralt can challenge innkeeps at gwent.




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