Intelligence attribute governs not only intelligence, but is also related to signs and rituals performed at Places of Power. There are five basic levels, each with a selection of attributes. The full Intelligence attribute tree can be found below.

Attribute tree

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Intelligence (level 1)Potion BrewingRising MoonIntelligence (level 2)HerbalismMonster LoreOil PreparationIntelligence (level 3)Knowledge of the Cleansing RitualIngredient ExtractionBomb PreparationIntelligence (level 4)FocusKnowledge of the Life RitualMagic FrenzyIntelligence (level 5)Mental EnduranceIntensityCharDev Intelligence

Talent bronze Level One

CharDev Intelligence 1

Intelligence (level 1)

CharDev Intelligence 1 1

Potion Brewing

CharDev Intelligence 1 2

Rising Moon

Talent bronze Level Two

CharDev Intelligence 2

Intelligence (level 2)

CharDev Intelligence 2 1


  • Enables identification and gathering of plant-based ingredients
  • Geralt must read various books and/or be taught to identify and harvest each plant type

CharDev Intelligence 2 2

Monster Lore

(For any which Geralt has already learned, there is no advantage.)

CharDev Intelligence 2 3

Oil Preparation

  • Enables creation of oils

Talent silver Level Three

CharDev Intelligence 3

Intelligence (level 3)

CharDev Intelligence 3 1

Knowledge of the Cleansing Ritual

CharDev Intelligence 3 2

Ingredient Extraction

  • Improves yield of ingredients from both plants and corpses

CharDev Intelligence 3 3

Bomb Preparation

  • Enables the preparation of bombs

Talent silver Level Four

CharDev Intelligence 4

Intelligence (level 4)

CharDev Intelligence 4 1


  • Duration of Signs increased by 25%

CharDev Intelligence 4 2

Knowledge of the Life Ritual

  • Enables performance of the Life Ritual in Places of Power

CharDev Intelligence 4 3

Magic Frenzy

Talent gold Level Five

CharDev Intelligence 5

Intelligence (level 5)

CharDev Intelligence 5 1

Mental Endurance

CharDev Intelligence 5 2


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