This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) mini-mod.

The intro/outro movies are governed by the script in:


If you only have \DATA\SCRIPTS\MOVIES.LUC, you have a compiled version.

Compiled scripts have the .LUC extension and can be decompiled using any utility that is listed in the LUC format article under the file formats category.

  • Open up the resulting file in any text editor.
  • The first three lines describe the movies to be played by the scripts, but we will focus on the first line only — the intro:
local Intro = {"cs_publisher", "cs_developer", "cs_engine", "CS_BLOCKEND", "cs_intro", "CS_BLOCKEND", "cs_title"}
  • You can add/remove movies as you want. For now, we change the line to this:
local Intro = {"cs_title"}
This way, only the title screen will be displayed — no need to wait for loading each movie and now we need to press the Esc-key only once if we wanted to skip it.
Or you can use "CS_BLOCKEND"instead of "cs_title" to remove all intros completely.
  • You may modify the other parts of the script as you please, but when you are done, save the script as MOVIES.LUA. Finally, drop the MOVIES.LUA into the \DATA\OVERRIDE directory (you might need to create the OVERRIDE directory under \DATA), and you are done. Enjoy your mini-mod.
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