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Her eyes were blue, not black. And she had freckles - on her nose, her neckline, her shoulders. They weren't unattractive, they suited her complexion and reddish hair.
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- pg.33, The Last Wish (UK edition)

Iola the First, or simply Iola, was a young, sensitive priestess at the Temple of Melitele in Ellander, and thus a protégé of Nenneke.


Iola joined the Temple of Melitele and pledged herself to the goddess by taking vows of silence. She studied under Nenneke, learning healing skills and magic, and was considered quite bright in the older priestess' eyes.

Meeting Geralt[]

After Geralt of Rivia was injured in a fight with a striga sometime in the 1250s, and came to the temple to recover, Iola cared for him, which eventually led to a relationship between them, and them sleeping together. Later, Nenneke walked into the room and asked Iola to leave, as she believed the relationship was not appropriate, considering it would distract her from her duties, even though it was Nenneke herself that had sent Iola to Geralt's room to calm him down.

Later Geralt told Iola about his life as a witcher, explaining his training and monsters he had fought, and as he explained she showed interest in his swords, nearly cutting herself, and worried he was upset, trying to comfort him. Later, as Geralt was leaving the temple, Iola brought out his chest of elixirs and gave them to him and as their hands touched, Iola suffered a seizure and was carried off by pupils to be treated by Nenneke later.[1]

Later Life[]

In 1266, when Ciri came to the temple, Iola delivered messages to her when Nenneke summoned the young girl, having at some point broken her vows of silence.[2]


  • In The Hexer TV series, it varies from the books in that Iola foretold the deaths of Falwick, Renfri, and the priestesses of Melitele in the temple, including her own.