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Iola the Second (Polish: Iola Druga) (d. 1269) was a redhead priestess from the Temple of Melitele of Ellander who participated in the Battle of Brenna, working under Rusty. She died in Maribor, as did Milo, after contracting Catriona while treating the patients.


Studies in Ellander[]

In 1266, she was studying with her friends Katje and Eurneid at the temple, when Ciri arrived, who she became friendly with.

Over the next months into 1267, her friendship with Ciri blossomed, until Yennefer of Vengerberg arrived, and they started to see her less and less. One day after hearing news from a duke's greeve, she told Ciri and Eurneid about the rising political tension and possibility of a second war.[1]


Iola joined Nordling forces as a medic during the later phases of the Second Northern War. She was assigned as an assistant to the halfling surgeon Milo "Rusty" Vanderbeck, alongside sorceress Marti Södergren and Oxenfurt student named Shani. The four run a field hospital at the fields of Brenna. Iola nearly fainted during the battle, thankfully Rusty made sure she did not.

Iola treated Coën, a witcher who participated in the battle, but he perished soon.

A group of Vrihedd Brigade elves led by Yaevinn entered the field hospital at one point, killing several soldiers resting in the tent. She shielded one of them from the elves, and Vanderbeck in turn shielded her. The elves left after learning that the hospital treated both sides; Iola lay on the ground crying.

While she was busy with the tourniquets afterwards, she recognized Jarre, a boy that she knew back from the temple in Ellander, bleeding profusely. After he fainted, the medics amputated his arm.


She died a year after the battle of Brenna in 1269, during a Catriona outbreak in the city of Maribor, alongside Rusty as they treated the infected. He died in her arms, and she died four days after, alone; they were the only medics who stayed in the city during the outbreak.