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Enough! You will not command us, you will--
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- his last words

Lord Bilewitz[1] was a member of the Redanian aristocracy, husband of Lady Bilewitz, and father of Iris and an unnamed son. He lived in southern Redania, in nearby Oxenfurt, and was well off. He planned to marry his daughter to an Ofieri prince but after he was cursed into a toad he decided, after long persuasion, to give her hand to Olgierd von Everec who, shortly before arrangement, acquired his property back.

However, they never get along well and because of this, family gatherings were often fraught with tension. After Olgierd and Iris ceased loving each other, Lord Bilewitz came to his son-in-law to nullify the marriage but, unfortunately, they argued and Iris' father was killed by him when Olgierd slammed his head against a concrete pillar in the Von Everec Estate cellar.


Although he was Redanian, he used to wear a Nilfgaardian doublet.

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