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Enough! You will not command us, you will--
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- his last words

Bilewitz[1] (first name unknown) was a member of the Redanian aristocracy, husband of an unnamed woman, and father of Iris and an unnamed son. He lived in southern Redania, in nearby Oxenfurt, and was well off.

After Olgierd's family fell on hard times and lost their standing in high society, he and his wife intended to giver their daughter's hand in marriage to a visiting Ofieri prince named Sirvat. However, this didn't work out as the prince was cursed and Olgierd regained his family's fortune, thus giving them little choice but to accept Olgierd's proposal to marry Iris. Despite this, he and his wife openly voiced their disagreement with Iris' choice in a husband, causing family gatherings to be fraught with tension. Not helping the situation, he also tried to give Olgierd bank notes to pay off any remaining debts he had so it wouldn't look bad on the Bilewitz's.

After Olgierd and Iris ceased loving each other, Bilewitz came to his son-in-law to nullify the marriage but they argued and Iris' father was killed when Olgierd slammed his head against a concrete pillar.

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