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So much anger and suffering, for what?
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- Isbel, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
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Isbel aep Muir Moss was a Nilfgaardian mage who joined Meve's party during the Second Northern War.


Not much is known about the mage's early history, though she was originally from Nilfgaard's capital, where she immediately joined the Nilfgaardian Army after graduating from the academy, as what is required of mages in the empire. She fought in the first Northern war, where she witnessed such acts of violence such as the Slaughter of Cintra and after fighting in the Battle of Sodden Hill, she saw the opportunity to leave Nilfgaard, desert from the battle mages and made a vow to do no harm to others, and began using magic to heal, instead.

During the Second Northern War, Isbel was captured by a group of bandits who held her captive in an old fortress in Aedirn.

Later on she was rescued by Queen Meve of Lyria, who found out the bandits were forcing her to cast healing incantations on them during attempt to wipe the bandits out. After rescuing her, Meve tells her she would be honored to have a skilled mage in their army. Isbel refuses, stating that she promised to never use her magic to take a life. Meve answers that she could travel with the civilians in the back but Isbel is convinced that all of them still partake in the slaughter, one way or another.

As Meve's group prepares to leave, Isbel notices Meve's engineer, Xavier Lemmens' burn scars and asks Meve how they are healing him. Saddened by his suffering, Isbel decides that she will serve as a healer in the Lyrian army as long as the queen accepts her vow to never use her skills to take a life.

After Meve's army arrives to Angren , Isbel reveals her Nilfgaardian heritage to Queen Meve, who then has the option to disband her from the army. If she decides to keep her in the army, Isbel is grateful to Meve.


  • When Meve tells her she doesn't look like a traditional Northern sorceress, Isbel admits she doesn't use any glamor spells to enhance her appearance, since she's come to feel that a body must age just as nature intended.
  • She is known for not wearing shoes.


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