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It dawns on them once they notice my scar: a realization of imminent death.
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- Isengrim

Isengrim Faoiltiarna, also known as the Iron Wolf, was an elf and one of the most experienced members of the Scoia'tael. He was a key player in the events at Thanedd Island and later was responsible for the capture of Cahir, who was wanted under the belief that the knight knowingly gave a false Ciri before trying to hide.

Isengrim took later part in the Battle of Brenna where he was in charge of the Vrihedd Brigade with the Colonel rank.

After the Second Nilfgaard War's end, as a condition of the Peace of Cintra, 32 elven commanders that fought under the Nilfgaardian banner were captured and surrendered to the Northern Kingdoms, including Isengrim. The prisoners were later brought to Dillingen in order to execute them. Unlike his mates, Isengrim managed to escape and fled to the foot of the Elskerdeg Pass, where he met with Sigismund Dijkstra and Boreas Mun, both fugitives for their own reasons. The three of them formed an unlikely traveling party, heading East, towards Zerrikania or even Haakland, presumably leaving the territories of the Nilfgaard Empire and the Northern Kingdoms for good.

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  • "Faoiltiarna" is broken Irish for "Wolf Lord", while "Isegrimm" (without the n) is a German poetic word for "Wolf".

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