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Tricks won't save her ... She only knows how to dance. To survive, you have to know how to kill, and she doesn't.
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- Iskra on Ciri's inability to kill, pg. 319, Time of Contempt

Aenyeweddien (Elder Speech: Child of the Fire) better known as Iskra or Spark, was an elf and one of the members of the Rats.


For unknown reasons, she was banished by the rest of the free elves, essentially a death sentence if she didn't find others to help her survive. Luckily for her, she found Giselher in the elven woods, having been pinned to a tree by an arrow, and ended up helping him out and the two joined forces and later became lovers.

The two ended up meeting two other pairs, Reef, Kayleigh, Asse, and Mistle, during Lammas in Geso and the six formed the gang that became the Rats.

Iskra was known for her very colorful outfits and was seen as a fashion icon among the children and youth in the villages they graced with their ill-gotten wealth. Despite this though, Iskra, like the rest of the Rats, relished in murder and so when she first met Ciri she was put off by the young girl who had initially refused to kill others, even when they threatened her, and thus constantly referred to Ciri in a condescending manner. Over time though, once Ciri, operating under the name of Falka, began to also partake in killings with no hesitation, Iskra began to treat her better and treat her like an equal in their gang.

She, along with the rest of the original gang, went to Jealousy to confront Leo Bonhart, a legendary bounty hunter that'd been asked to deal with the Rats. However, their overconfidence led to the gang's downfall and all of them were subsequently killed and beheaded by Bonhart, save for Ciri as Bonhart had a separate, special contract on her. Iskra's decapitated body was then buried in Jealousy with the rest.


  • In Polish, "iskra" means "spark" or "twinkle", so her nickname is merely a simplification of her true name.
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