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Nigh is the time of the White Frost and White Light.
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- Ithlinne's Prophecy
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Ithlinne Aegli aep Aevenien was a legendary elven healer, astrologist and oracle. She had a gift for divination and prophecies, the best known of which is Aen Ithlinnespeath. Ithlinne's Prophecy has been observed to have correctly predicted a number of things, such as the Northern Wars (1239-1268) and the plagues of 1268, 1272, and 1294.

Encyclopaedia Maxima Mundi entry[]

Ithlina, in reality Ithlinne Aegli, daughter of Aevenien, the legendary elven healer, astrologist and diviner, famous for her predictions, divinations and prophesies of which the most famous remains Aen Ithlinnespeath, known as Ithlina'a Prophesy. Indexed and transcribed many times in various forms, the prophesy enjoyed considerable popularity during a number of different periods; the comments, clues and explanations concerning it conveniently adapted themselves to the events of the time, reinforcing the general conviction of the existence of the great gift of second sight of Ithlina
In particular, it is believed that Ithlina predicted the Nordling Wars (1239–1268), the Great Plagues (1268, 1272 and 1294), the bloody war of the Two Unicorns (1309–1318) and the Haak Invasion (1350). It was equally believed that she predicted the climate changes observed beginning at the end of the 13th century (The White Frost), which popular superstitions always associated with the end of the word and the prophetic arrival The Destroyer [sic]. This fragment of Ithlina's prophecy was the trigger of the infamous Witch Hunts (1272–1276) and caused the deaths of numerous women and unfortunate girls, who were mistaken for the incarnation of The Destroyer. Today, Ithlina is considered as a legendary figure by a number of researchers, and her "prophesies" as contemporary apocrypha cobbled together from bits and pieces, an ingenious literary fraud..
Effenberg and Talbot
Encyclopaedia Maxima Mundi, Tome IX

The Witcher[]

The Witcher introduces another situation the prophetess might have been describing with the words of her prophecies: the time of the white frost. She is mentioned in the Encyclopaedia Maxima Mundi.


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