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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the jurist. For the character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, see Fenn (commando). For one of Nivellen's women, see Fenne.


Jacob Fenn (d. 1267) was a physically crippled, but surprisingly able person with dwarfism[1] and the business partner of Codringher. He had no legs, disproportionately long arms, a large head and no neck at all. He got around using a motorized chair of some sort.[2]

He and his associate ran the Dorian firm known as "Codringher and Fenn" where they dispensed "legal consultations". The firm was in reality just a cover for their illegal interests and machinations. Fenn was essentially the research department of the firm.[2]


Meeting Geralt[]

In early 1267, despite the witcher already being acquainted with Codringher, Geralt of Rivia was quite surprised to finally make Fenn's acquaintance, as he often questioned his existence. He told the witcher of the cause of the Northern Kingdom's search for Ciri, and about the rulers belief that Rience searching for her meant Emhyr var Emreis of Nilfgaard had plans for marriage.[2]

Discoveries about Ciri[]

On the last night of June, while down in the workshop, Codringher brought him documents revealing Ciri was of Elder Blood, the last offspring of Falka's bloodline, and the prophecy would come true; her son would be the harbinger of darkness should he be born. While Fenn suggested they tell Geralt, Codringher told him of the plans already in motion; they would send a man to Thanedd Island, kidnap Ciri, and give her to the highest bidder. As they talked, a knock on the door led Codringher to answer. Schirrú, Rience's half-elf assassin, and his two men Nazarian and Millet, spoke to the lawyer briefly before suddenly stabbing him in the chest in the shop front. As Codringher lay dying, he called to Fenn who was loading an arbalest downstairs. As the three assassins came downstairs, Fenn shot Millet in the head, and then, as he was reloading, was knocked out his wheelchair by Schirrú. As the jurist fell to the floor, he began crawling away like a mutilated spider, screaming in fear. Schirrú threw ink and burning lecterns on him, painfully killing Fenn as the building burnt down around him.[2]


  1. In the original Polish, he is described as "Karzeł", a human afflicted with dwarfism, instead of "Krasnolud", the dwarven race.
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