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Jakob Ornstine was a hunter that Geralt met on the edge of Caed Dhu in Angren.


While fishing in the Yaruga river, he was startled when he turned around and faced Geralt of Rivia, astride his horse. The two introduced and Geralt saved him from a nearby drowner, leading to them having dinner and wine, and discussing the fate of Jakob's wife, Marta. During their conversation, Jakob spotted her on a hill nearby, and explained that although she was deadly, she had never attacked him, though for nine years he had to ward off travelers from the forest to protect them.

The two decided to travel through the Black Forest, facing down a leshen, and getting lost multiple times in the progress, but eventually they came across the House of Glass. They saw Marta on the balcony, which intrigued them to go inside and investigate. Later that night, Jakob went searching for Marta in the massive house, and found her, eventually the two of them had dinner together. After Geralt met Marta and found the truth of their relationship, that Jakob was abusive and had killed her himself, he approached the man, who tried to kill him, though a witcher is far superior to a man. Marta then appeared and summoned a leshen, wolves and a grave hag to kill him.

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