Gwent cardart skellige crach an craite combined

Crach an Craite, the jarl of Skellige, leading his courageous troop to yet another battle

The Jarl of Skellige's troop forms the main part of the Skelligan military. It is made up of dozens of hardy warriors who sail on the so-called drakkars, swift longships adapted for both the sea and river, under the command of the jarl of Skellige. The corsairs who serve in the troop come from all the isles, no matter the clan. Equipped with spears, swords, axes, and round shields,[1] they often fight in a formation known as shield wall.[2]

Usually consisting of 300 or so islanders, it would appear to be one of the weakest detachments on the Continent but their bravery, tactics, and renown had made them a force to be reckoned with. However, the troop cannot be considered a "proper army" as most of it is mustered during wars and then again dissolved.[3] Instead of a regular army, each of the major jarls has his own unit loyal to him, while the king has an honor guard.[4]


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