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"Do you really wish to know?" — Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!
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He was as skinny as a stick-insect, ungainly, wore clothes which were too large and smelled of ink and dust, always had greasy hair and on his chin, instead of stubble, there were seven or eight long hairs, about half of which sprang from a large wart.
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- Ciri's description, pg. 266 Blood of Elves (U.K. edition)

Jarre (b. 1251)[1] was an Ellandrian scribe and former soldier, who as a teenager studied at the Temple of Melitele in the capital city.[2]


Studies with Nenneke[]

In 1267, at the age of 16, he studied in Ellander as a ward scribe under the tutelage of Nenneke. Passionate about his work, he spent more time in the temple library than city, with long days and nights studying, copying and illuminating volumes. To keep him focused on his work, Nenneke forbade him from spending time with the priestesses, though he became friends with Ciri, and fell secretly in love with her. He told her of the tension in Dol Angra and the volumes he had read about war and politics.[2] Eventually he kissed her, though their relationship did not last due to Ciri later leaving the temple for Aretuza.[3]

Battle of Brenna[]

Later on, Jarre tried to join the Mahakam Volunteer Army but was ultimately assigned to the Poor Fucking Infantry, together with his childhood "friend" Melfi. The PFI, under the voivode Bronibor, took part in the Battle of Brenna and was charged with stalling Nilfgaardian advance until reinforcements arrived. Consisting of commoner pikemen with little to no combat experience and matched against the enemy's heavy cavalry, the PFI sustains heavy casualties and Jarre lost his left hand in the battle. Despite their lack of experience, the unit successfully halted the enemy.

Later Life[]

Some time after the war, Jarre settled down and married a woman named Lucienne and wrote a book called "Annales seu Cronicae Incliti Regni Temeriae" (which roughly translates to "Annals or Chronicles Celebrating Temerian Rule").




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