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Jean-Christophe de Bourbeau was a knight, owner of Tufo vineyard, and married to Andrée de Bourbeau. However, he was rather rigid with formalities, going as far as demanding the correct titles be observed in conversations, despite him needing others' assistance more than them needing Bourbeau's.


In 1275, his vineyard was being ruined by the Monster of Tufo, a mysterious beast which also killed a young worker, Jean-Luc. As he could lose his business if his vineyard was destroyed, he put out a contract to hire any knight who could find and kill it.

If Geralt helps him: Geralt accepted the contract and killed the shaelmaar.

If Geralt tells Bourbeau about Andrée's affair: While working on the contract, Geralt discovered that Andrée had been having an affair with the now deceased worker and decided to tell Bourbeau this. Incensed that she'd cheat on one of his social standing, Bourbeau demanded Andrée to pack her things and leave within the hour.

Associated Quest[]