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Gonna give that old bastard a piece of my mind!
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- Jerome about his father

Jerome Moreau was the son of Tomas Moreau and a witcher from the School of the Griffin. He was tall, thin, wiry, and, like all other witchers, covered in scars.


In 1087, Tomas Moreau was saved from monsters thanks to a witcher and when asked what he wanted as a reward, the witcher then stated the Law of Surprise. This turned out to be Tomas' son, Jerome, who was then taken to the School of the Griffin to become a witcher.[1]

By 1121 Jerome was a veteran witcher and had more than a few contracts already under his belt when he was offered a very lucrative contract in Toussaint where he was paid even before he got there. However, when he did arrive and met the contract giver he soon learned who the real benefactor was: Tomas Moreau, his own father. When this was revealed, Jerome flew into a rage and ran off to confront him.[2]

When he arrived at Mont Crane, Tomas explained to Jerome that he had been researching witcher mutations since 1102 in an attempt to find a "cure" for his son and turn him back into a normal man. However, Jerome had no love for his father and thus refused to undergo the treatment but his father refused to take "no" for an answer and, using a paralyzing spell,[3] transported his son to his laboratory and sealed him a room that could only be accessed through a portal, believing with time his son would come around.[4]

Jerome wasn't keen on submitting himself to experiments but his father did them anyways. Tomas supplied many mutagens in hopes of making Jerome human again, but unintentionally enhanced the witcher mutations rather than eliminate them. However, this didn't come without costs - Jerome was brought to the brink of death on some occasions, but rose again stronger and faster than before.

In the end Tomas gave up, coming to terms about his son being a witcher until the end of his days and decided to go back to Lydia.[1] However, Jerome's fate remained uncertain.

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  • There's conflicting information in the game as to what happened to Jerome. Jerome's last notes indicate his father was never going to release him and he'd die in the holding room, but there's no body/skeleton to be found there. If his father released him after realizing his experiments failed, it leaves the question as to why he never recovered the grandmaster diagrams he left behind.



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