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John Geermer was a Temerian soldier during the Third Northern War who joined a group of fellow Temerian insurgents and actively attacked Nilfgaardian convoys for supplies.

Biography Edit

While he was in White Orchard, he helped attack a Nilfgaardan supply cart and managed to run it off the road. However, the cart veered off into the nearby swamps, which were filled with monsters and thus he couldn't safely retrieve the must needed medical supplies. He proceeded to hang back and set up camp while he pondered over this predicament.

If helped: Geralt came along and John pretended to be a merchant who's horse got spooked and ran off into the swamps before asking the witcher to retrieve his package. Geralt was able to do so and returned with it.

...caught and turned in: Geralt, believing the former soldier acted little more than a common bandit, turned him in to the nearest Nilfgaardian outpost, no doubt leading to John's death.
...caught, but let go with supplies: Hearing out the former soldier, Geralt decided to let John go, telling him to keep up the fight against the invaders.
...caught, but kept supplies: Geralt decided John had just cause for his actions, but decided he would do without the supplies and sent John away empty handed, but with his life intact.
...successfully ran away: John successfully evaded the witcher, who in turn never learned what really happened back in the swamps.

Associated quest Edit

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