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Well, as long as you're sinking, might as well walk on the bottom.
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- Junod

Junod of Belhaven was a witcher big as a mountain and bearded like dwarf from the Bear School. He died in the Owl Eye Grottos beneath the Tufo Vineyard while trying to fulfill a contract.

Biography Edit

In 1243 Junod had searched out the grandmaster smith Tyen'sail as he wanted him to forge him Grandmaster Ursine Gear, but he had gambled away all his money so he needed work. On May 17th, he accepted a contract from Charité Gontran de Tufo and the next day he concluded that the problems were caused by a subterranean monster and decided to venture inside its caves the following day.[1]

As he made his way through the caves he drew bear school symbols on the walls to point the way out.[2] However, he was ill-prepared due to his lack of knowledge of the monsters and regretted that he ever accepted the contract. He ended up trying to fight against a giant centipede and lost and thus no one ever saw him again.[3]

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References Edit

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