Jurkast was a prince and the ruler of Maribor and one of King Foltest's cousins, whom he was known to resemble from the profile. His heir and only son was Corley.


Brokilonian lover

As young men, Jurkast and Foltest often travelled through countryside to have fun with willing women. During one such expedition, they lost theirselves near Brokilon. After whole day of wandering through dense forest they found a glade with a hut in the center, encircled by dryads. They conducted the princes inside where two chosen dryads slept with them in order to have children.

When the princes woke up in the morning, they were accompanied by only two dryads whose task was to lead them out of Brokilon safely. However, Jurkast recognized that one of these was in fact his lover from the night. After many sweet words, he convinced her to leave Brokilon with him.

The dryad, Eatewedd, gave Jurkast a daughter whom she named Minneluned. Initially the prince was enthralled by the beauty of his loved and daughter, but after some time he turned from her, encouraged by Foltest to return to their "countryside sightseeing trips". Eatewedd and five-years-old Minneluned dissapeared shortly before Jurkast married Dobrochna, daughter of the lord of Zavada.

Treaty with Redania

Dobrochna died year later, in childbirth which resulted in twins named Frisanna and Corley. Five years after their birth, Temeria and Redania signed a treaty which ended the ongoing war between the kingdoms. One of conditions was that young Frisanna would marry Redanian prince Fulko in the future, thus connecting side branches of the two dynasties. The date was set seven years later, at the 16th birthday of prince Fulko. Unfortunately, Frisanna died one year before the planned wedding. On Foltest's order, Jurkast glossed over her death and together with him and Triss Merigold they planned to replace her with Jurkast's first daughter who was reported to return with her mother to Brokilon.

After long negotiations with Eithné, Minneluned (now called Woédgláeddyv) returned to Maribor Castle where she assumed name "Frisanna" and was prepared to the wedding. Unfortunately, during her stay in Vizima, she overheard a conversation between Foltest and King Viraxas' emmisaries who proposed a blitzkrieg at the dryad queendom in Brokilon. During the planned wedding in Tretogor's temple she suddenly drew Fulko's ceremonial sword and murdered Viraxas, who was one of the guests, at place, before she was killed as well by Dijkstra's men.

Further life

Because "Frisanna" did married Fulko before her death, the treaty was preserved though relations between Temeria and Redania were worsened once again. Jurkast continued to rule Maribor, but his further fate, especially during the Northern Wars which occured later, is unknown.[1]


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