Kaer Morhen valley is an abandoned area in the mountainous region known as Hertch[1] in northeastern Kaedwen, where the prehistoric sea was located many millennia ago.[2] Currently, the only known "inhabited" structure in the valley is the limestone keep of Kaer Morhen, home of the witcher's School of the Wolf, and surrounding places. The Gwenllech river flows through the valley.

The Witcher

Kaer Morhen valley is the area immediately adjacent to and surrounding the fortress of Kaer Morhen. It is here that the campsite of the unexpected visitors to Kaer Morhen is situated in The Price of Neutrality premium module. The valley itself is divided by a fast flowing river which can only be crossed at either of the two fords. The area is also infested with archespores, wolves, basilisks, giant centipedes and wyverns.

The area also boasts:


One can also "see" Beggartick outside, but it can not be picked. There is some that is "pickable" inside Sabrina's tent, but Geralt does not have the journal entry, so trying to pick it is useless.

There are also Berbercane trees here and there, but those, like the beggarticks, are just landscaping, too.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The valley of Kaer Morhen is a major region in the third and possibly final game of Geralt's adventures.[3] The geography of the area, while more fully fleshed-out, is faithful to the original game, including the interior of the keep, which has preserved the same floorplan.

Map Description

Kaer Morhen, meaning "Keep of the Sea of Yore," is home to a school of witchers. Years ago the keep was destroyed and its inhabitants murdered during a massive pogrom. Currently only a handful of witchers winter here before setting out again on the Path.


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