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Kaer Trolde citadel is Ard Skellig's main stronghold and seat of jarls from Clan an Craite, towering over the city. From its upper terraces almost the entire archipelago is visible: An Skellig on the north behind the strait, Spikeroog far to the west, to the east Undvik and Hindarsfjall behind it. To see Faroe, one has to go to the very top of one of the towers and look to the south.[1]

It has been carved through the mountain up to a stone bridge connecting two sheer rock walls, allegedly by Grymmdjarr. On the other end of this stone arch lies the gate leading to the castle interior. Inside it lie spacious stone chambers and banquet halls that appear dark and foreboding in the dim light of candles and torches. In keeping with local custom, the walls are decorated with weapons, shields, and embroidered tapestries depicting fantastic animals, monsters, and heroic deeds.[2]

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  • A tapestry in the Kaer Trolde feast room depicts warriors battling the Ice Giant. Its style makes reference to an actual 11th century artifact, the Bayeux Tapestry, which shows William the Conqueror's successful battles for control over England.

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