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Kalis was a queen of Lyria.


Targeted by the King

Kalis and her newborn baby girl were being escorted across the countryside by Yennefer in a carriage guarded by the king of Lyria's soldiers, though many feared for Kalis as she had yet to produce a boy to inherit her husband's throne. As they rode, Kalis remarked how she envied Yennefer's life as a king's mage advisor, as people respected Yennefer for what she was. However, Yennefer responded that she gave up everything to get her seat at court, and in return, she'd spent the last three miserable decades cleaning up political debacles. As Kalis noted that she believed Yennefer made the right choice, suddenly the horse carriage came under attack and the two women exited the carriage only to find all but one of the guards dead, having been killed by an assassin and a krallach. Seeing this, Yennefer quickly opened a portal for Kalis, the guard, and herself to escape through.

The three teleported to a remote desert where Yennefer quickly deduced the assassin was paid to kill Kalis as she'd repeatedly failed to provide her husband a male heir and he was tired of waiting. Before more could be said though, the assassin tracked them to the desert and, while Yennefer and Kalis managed to escape through another portal, the guard was killed in the process.

The two women and the baby then emerged from the portal onto a town street, where Yennefer suspected that Kalis was being tracked through something the king gave her. As she tried to quickly remove the queen's jewelry, the assassin found them again, and his krallach lunged at Yennefer. She slowed it down long enough for Kalis, the baby, and herself to escape through yet another portal to a rocky mountain top. However, Kalis began to berate the sorceress, blaming her for not predicting the attack and that Yennefer was supposed to protect her. As the assassin found them once more, Yennefer then teleported herself away, leaving Kalis and the baby behind.

With nobody to defend her, Kalis pleaded for her own life by offering her baby daughter as a sacrifice in exchange for her own, but the assassin magically threw a knife, killing Kalis where she stood.[1]


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