Kalkstein's notes make up a single quest item which helps Geralt locate the sephirot required to open the mysterious Mage's tower in the Swamp.

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Kalkstein's notes
In his sharply inclined hand, Kalkstein scrawled some notes about where to look for the Sephirot.
"Here's what I've read from Kalkstein's notes:
Compassion — Tipperath: Declan Leuvaarden. Fortunately Kalkstein spelled this one out for me. I never would've drawn the link between Leuvaarden and compassion.
Mercy — Kezath: Vaska, leader of the brickmakers in the swamp. Now, how does mercy figure into our relationship?
Kingdom — Maal'kad: The sewers beneath Vizima. One of my favorite places. Kalkstein must have had a gnome for an ancestor if he managed to associate sewers with some bit from a book.
Understanding, Power, Glory — Veen'ah, Ghe'vrath, 'Oth: The statues of Melitele, one in the swamp, the other in Saint Lebioda's Hospital. I have no idea what prayer without faith can possibly mean, but it's worth a try.
Foundation — Y'esath: The cave in the swamp. More evidence to show that Kalkstein's ancestors were gnomes. A cave in the swamp and the concept of a foundation — I can't make anything of it. We'll see.
Victory — Neh'tza: The Tower Sentry, right, that wasn't hard... Except that I need to defeat him...
Crown — Keth'aar: Destiny. Here Kalkstein outdid himself. His notes indicate I'll find the last sephirah by chance, for instance, while sitting in the privy or in the roast chicken I order at The Hairy Bear. An unknown. Destiny will throw it in my hands. Next time I see Kalkstein, I'll ask him if he hides his gnomish roots on purpose, fearing racist persecution..."


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