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You were right... I'm nothing without my weapons. And without my arm? Shit, huh?
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- Wounded Kehl to Korin, Something Ends, Something Begins

Kehl was a mercenary and, for a short time, leader of the Koshchey's Men.


Kehl was a long-time mercenary who gained much experience over his life.

At one point in the 12th century, he joined the band formed by renegade druid Fregenal. They became feared in the settlements of Klamat pass. After realizing their differing intentions, Kehl and seventeen other members of the band turned on their leader. They killed the rest and left tied Fregenal in a cave. Kehl became a new leader and decided to leave the area for good.

Later, Kehl returned to aid Visenna and Korin kill the koshchey summoned by Fregenal. He rode against the abomination with warcry, sword in hand. Koshchey grabbed Kehl's horse and threw it away but the brave werebbubb swooped under it and stabbed the monster in one of its limbs. Angry and wounded, koshchey picked Kehl from the ground and massacred him.[1]

After the battle was finished, mortally-injured Kehl asked Visenna to help him into the afterlife.[2] With eyes full of tears, Visenna fulfilled his wish. The werebbubb twitched, shivered and passed away.[1]



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