Disambig-icon This article is about Ciri's horse. For the water monster, see Kelpie. For the canceled creature for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, see Kelpia.

Kelpie was a magnificent black mare originally owned by a man named Hotspurn. After his death, the mare became Ciri's mount. Although Hotspurn had never named the mare, declaring that it was silly to name animals, Ciri named her Kelpie. The name came from Ciri's first sighting of the mare and Hotspurn crossing a river. The girl was immediately smitten with the mare.

Kelpie could be summoned by rubbing a magical bracelet. This was particularly helpful when Hotspurn died as the mare had been set away to lead the brigands astray.

Kelpie was considered an extraordinary horse by practically everyone that saw her. Vysogota, who wasn't well versed on what a good quality horse should look like, could tell immediately Kelpie was an amazing horse. Kelpie could also clear 7 foot tall walls with ease, something few horses are able to do.

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