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The Kerack Dynasty was a family reigning in the Kingdom of Kerack.


The dynasty was founded by an individual named Osmyk at the beginning of the 13th century. He was a trader and a pirate of unknown nationality who chose the city of Kerack as his base of operations. After finishing off the competition and monopolising the region's cabotage, he crowned himself as the first king of Kerack.

Osmyk was followed by Belohun, the only one of Osmyk's five sons who did not renounced the crown. Following his father's steps, he ruled for over 20 years, profiting from the maritime trade and piracy. He died just in time of his fifth marriage, secretly assassinated in result of a conspiracy between his eldest son Viraxas, his might-have-been wife Ildiko Breckl and mages of Rissberg and the Chapter.

In return for obtaining the throne, Viraxas had to pay off his debts for the Chapter. Apart from raising taxes,[1] he apparently expanded his realm eastwards, thus coming into the conflict with dryads of Brokilon. His hatred towards the eerie wives grew so high,[2] so he attempted to plan a blitzkrieg at the dryad forest some time before the Northern Wars. In order to do so, he plotted with Ervyll and Order of the White Rose[3] and tried to convince Foltest and Jurkast to his plans. These plans were never fulfilled as he was murdered by "princess" Frisanna, daughter of Jurkast and his dryad lover. After Viraxas' death, the crown was passed to his son Tarrand.[4]

By the time Encyclopaedia Maxima Mundi was written, the dynasty was long extinct and their lands were stripped between Verden and Cidaris.[1] It is believed that the downfall might have roots in the Catriona plague, reportedly brought here by a plague maiden.[5]




  • Lidia[6]
  • Livia[6]
  • Milena[6]
  • five other Belohun's daughters[1]



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