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Kernun is a powerful, old leshen who established its presence in the woods just outside Novigrad.

Bestiary Entry[]

We told the prick something lurked in them woods, but he refused to believe it...
– Louis Clsster, woodcutter
Novigrad - the greatest metropolis in the world, the acme of civilization, material proof - or so one is tempted to think - of mankind's ability to tame and control nature. Yet right outside the city walls lies the Novigrad Wilderness - and whoever sets foot in it soon finds out that man's primacy does not extend past the city walls.
One of the monsters who made its lair in that thick tangle was an old, powerful leshen. It killed any who strayed into its territory with its species' characteristic cruelty: lacerating them with razor-sharp claws, sending strangling plants shooting out of the ground or feeding them to packs of hungry wolves. If not for its vulnerability to fire, the Igni Sign included, and the protection of the Quen Sign, one could wager not even the toughest witcher would be able to slay the beast.
Geralt of Rivia was only able to finally put an end to this leshen after a long and exhausting battle. Once the beast died, the way was clear for loggers to move into its former domain. The woods now gradually fall to the ax. Perhaps one day they'll disappear altogether - and their monstrous denizens along with them.

Associated Quest[]


  • Despite its journal entry noting it's an old leshen, during the quest Geralt will comment it's a young leshen.


  • Kernun is a reference to Cernunnos, a horned forest god from Celtic mythology.