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Places Kitchen

The kitchen at the keep does not seem to get much action these days, other than the regular foraging of some of the four-legged residents of the keep. The large fireplace is still lit and something is bubbling away in a large pot, but my money would not be on gourmet fare. Another useful feature of the kitchen is that it leads to the staircase to the second floor of the fortress, and ultimately, Triss' room.

Containers found

  • Barrel which contains Flint
  • Chicken which contains two Chicken leg
  • Old cupboard which may contain Basic item
  • Wardrobe which may contain Basic item
  • Before you enter kitchen, on left side of the door to kitchen, lays barrel which may contain Basic item
  • After you exit kitchen to move upper floor, on far side of room, lays barrel which may contain Basic base
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