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Knight for Hire is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.

This quest may be picked up from the notice board at The Cockatrice Inn.


After you find the note go to the The Ducal Camerlengo he will give you directions on where to go, so you can easily find the right locations using quest markers. The quest can be done while exploring as you need to clear 15 Undiscovered locations, which are Persons in Distress, Knight Errants in Distress, Abandoned Sites and Hanse Bases. You probably already know how some of them work, however Hanse Base and Knight Errant in Distress are new.

Knight Errant in Distress works much like Person in Distress only the Knight will be fighting the bandits and can die, however they are very capable of handling things on their own, so it's unlikely they will die even if you just stand and watch.

Hanse Base works much like an Abandoned Site, i.e. after you clear it allied NPC's will inhabit it, however they are much more dangerous. The bandits form pretty much a small army and there is always a weak bandit who will attempt to light a signal fire calling additional reinforcements for aid unless you kill him before he does. There is also a leader who you must kill as a final boss.

Here are all locations that are quest related:

Hanse Base[]

Person in Distress[]

Knight Errant in Distress[]

Abandoned Site[]

Each time you clear a location you can go back to The Ducal Camerlengo who will pay you 100Oren3.png for the job. After you complete all of them he will award you the Trophy (Knight for Hire) which you can equip on Roach.

Easy Money Hint[]

The Hanse Bases can be used as a way to earn a lot of Oren3.png in a short time. However, this can only be done by players who have no trouble in handling the hanse who heavily outnumber Geralt. As long as their leader is not killed all other members will continue to respawn, simply fast traveling or walking far away will cause the bases to be repopulated by all the bandits. When killed the bandits will often drop common and master quality weapons which are level 40+, as a result each will sell on average between 100-200Oren3.png depending on who you sell them too.

This method can be used to regain all the money spent on crafting Grandmaster witcher gear from Lazare Lafargue.

Journal Entry[]

Geralt came across an altogether typical looking notice – someone was looking for the help of knights or other "strongmen." He concluded he met the above-stated requirements and set off for Knights Dormant Square to meet with the ducal camerlengo.
Geralt completed all the contracts the camerlengo had to offer him. The reward he received was not quite what he had expected, true, but valuable all the same.


  • Go to the ducal camerlengo to learn the details of the contract.
  • Complete the contracts you took on from the camerlengo. 0/15
  • [Optional] Go see the ducal camerlengo to collect your pay.
  • Go see the ducal camerlengo about your reward for fulfilling the contracts.


  • If when first talking to the camerlengo you choose to play gwent against him, the quest will not update. To fix this, talk to him again and exit the conversation by choosing "Farewell".