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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the character in The Lady of the Lake. For the game character in The Witcher, see Kobus de Vollen.

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'Hooray!' he yelled, waving his mace. 'Redania! Redania is coming! Eagles! Eagles!'
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- Kobus de Ruyter during the Battle of Brenna, The Lady of the Lake

Kobus (d. March 1268), the ninth Count de Ruyter, was a Redanian noble and commander who led the Tretogor forces in the Battle of Brenna. He was killed by a crossbow bolt, during a desperate charge against the Nilfgaardian "Venendal" division which prevented it from reorganizing in time to face the flanking attack of Blenheim Blenckert's forces. He was 56, at the time of his death.[1]



  • Michiel de Ruyter was a Dutch admiral most noted for his achievements with the Dutch Navy during the Anglo-Dutch Wars.