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Koshchey's Men was a band of mercenaries; humans, vrans, werebbubbs and elves under the leadership of the ex-communicated druid, Fregenal with whom they terrorized settlements in the vicinity of the Klamat pass. The group's name comes from the "koshchey", a monster created by Fregenal and set upon some merchant caravans. One of the Koshchey's Men was the werebbubb, Kehl. He opposed Fregenal and helped Visenna and Korin kill the koshchey the former druid had conjured. However, Kehl perished due to injuries he sustained in the battle.


There are a total of thirty five known members, including;

  • Kehl, a werebbubb
  • Eight other werebbubbs (whom all leave with Kehl when he turns on Fregenal)
  • Nine humans (one killed by Mikula at Klucz's smithy, three killed defending Fregenal and five leave with Kehl)
  • Eight vrans (five are killed by Korin, Visenna and Mikula at the smithy and three leave with Kehl)
  • One elf (leaves with Kehl)
  • Four unknown species that attacked Porog (of which three were killed and one escaped)
  • Four unknown species that attacked Kaczan (of which one was killed and three escaped)

They feature in the short story Droga, z której się nie wraca ("A Road with No Return"), as well as in the graphic novel based on it.