Kraki was a Skelliger and part of Clan Drummond in 1272. While other clans were ok with visitors, he and his brother, Kori, despised anyone from the continent and made sure to voice this opinion to any that dared to visit Arinbjorn.

If Geralt visits Arinbjorn's inn: Kraki and Kori immediately "introduced" themselves to Geralt, making it clear they thought very little of him as a continental and that he wasn't welcome. However, Jorund interrupted before they could escalate it into a fight and the two brothers walked off.

If King's Gambit hasn't been started before Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg is completed: After visiting the inn again to talk to Jorund, Kraki and Kori, fed up with visitors, decided to fight Geralt and Jorund. In the end, the two brothers were killed, but not before they also killed Jorund.

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