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La Compassion Orphanage or just Orphanage, is a building to the north of Beauclair owned by Orianna and run by Arnaud and his wife.


On the outside, the children look cared for, with Orianna making sure they're well fed for and even have dessert after every meal. Despite this though, Arnaud tried to skim by and give them cheap food, though Orianna strongly chastised him to stop and he'd be sorry if she ever saw any marks of beatings on the kids again.

However, this wasn't all done out of the kindness of her heart and the place hid something more vile: Orianna was a bruxa and loved the taste of children's blood, though she claimed she didn't take enough to kill, just enough to savor. As the children had nowhere else to turn to for food and shelter, they in turn let her and even tried to protect her if one threatened to kill her.

During the vampire attacks in 1275, the orphanage was assaulted by an alpha garkain. Despite his job to protect the kids, Arnaud and his wife fled in their wagon, leaving the kids behind as bait while they tried to save themselves. However, after the alpha grakain killed almost every child there, it gave chase and killed them as well.

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  • Interestingly, the location's name isn't revealed when riding around and is merely labeled as "Orphanage". Only if one does Blood Simple do they learn the actual name is "La Compassion Orphanage".
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