Lac Célavy is a lake in western Toussaint that serves as the residence of the Lady of the Lake in this part of Continent.

In the middle of the lake is a small island and in the middle of that island is a small pond where the Hermit meditates and guards the five chivalric virtues, all written on holy stones. Along the coast of the lake the Fisher King fishes and gathers herbs.

Stones of Five Chivalric Virtues


Valor does not make one good, yet how many good men have you met in your life's journey who were cowards? Those who possess valor do not hesitate to stand against the majority, no matter what the consequences.


Honor cannot be purchased. Honor also cannot be sold, for its value is greater than all the treasure in the world. Yet one can lose it, and whoever does so shall have sullied his name for all eternity. A truly honorable man always stands behind his actions, faces every challenge and refuses to lie.


There are many traits which bear witness to a man's true nature. Compassion is what separates men from beasts. Whoever feels sympathy for his fellows man will never turn a blind eye to misfortune. He will instead always stand in defense of the wronged.


Wisdom is a virtue which one should strive to cultivate throughout one's life, for it impossible to be so wise one cannot become even wiser. The wise know this... As we journey through life, we should seek to make wise choices. Remember, wise choices are not those which make our lives easier or simpler. Often, they make them more complicated. But always they make us better.


No man can be called good who does not share his prosperity with others. Generosity is required for dignity in life and peace in death.

Associated Quest


  • The name of the lake is likely a homophone for "c'est la vie", the French phrase for "that's life", or "so it goes...".


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