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Lamarr Flaut was terribly afraid. Fear gripped his bowels, and it seemed to him that his intestines where coat with slimy eels that were doggedly searching for a way to get to freedom.
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- Lamarr Flaut scouting the enemy terrain

Lamarr Flaut (d. March 1268) was a Nilfgaardian officer, and head of a team of scouts sent to do reconnaissance in the hills prior to the Battle of Brenna.


On the enemy terrain, however, Lamarr showed he was a complete coward. A few days before, the Nilfgaardian officer heard that an elven warrior from the Vrihedd brigate had been captured by the Nordlings and that they tortured him by cutting off all his fingers, his genitals, and pulling out his eyes. Petrified by this rumor, Lamarr abandoned his scouting mission and returned immediately to base, where he told the Field marshal, Menno Coehoorn, that he hadn't found any relief troops in the enemy terrain.

Coehoorn, reassured by Lamarr's report, ordered his troops to attack which started the Battle of Brenna. However, Lamarr's failure soon made itself apparent: in the middle of the battle, from behind the hills that he was supposed to have scouted, came a relief squadron of 13,000 men who then annihilated the Nilfgaardian Army. Among those killed by this squadron was Lamarr himself.

Coehoorn was furious and, not knowing Lamarr was already dead, vowed to personally hunt him and his entire unit down and hang them all. He sent his aide-de-camp, Ouder de Wyngalt, to find them but, after giving thus orders, de Wyngalt and Coehoorn died soon after.


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