Disambig-icon This article is about a Temerian king. For the witcher, see Lambert. For the Aedirnian noble, see Lambert Hus-Roy.

Lambert was a King of Temeria, son of Adalbert and apparently father of Geddes. He was most famous for forcing the subjugation of Mahakam during Famine War.


Lambert inherited the throne in Vizima as probably the first one to do so without violence since the beginning of War of Daggers. As a ruler, he was considered distinguished through and through, making alliances with other countries including Cintra, feuding with Redania over Pontar Delta region, and gaining influence in Sodden.

King of Mahakam

During the 11-years lasting Famine War he made the Clan elders from Mahakam to recognise him as as the ruler and pay homage to him, thus making him the first de iure human king of this dwarven realm.[1]


  • In Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni it is stated that it's him who caused Novigrad to leave Redania. However, counting information from Sapkowski's dynastic descriptions, it was not possible for him to participate in Seven Years' War as the mother of the Redanian king who lost Novigrad is said to be a daughter of Geddes.
    • On the other hand, notes about the Temerian dynasty not really fit the timeline from the Saga and other notes though.


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