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Land of a Thousand Fables, also known as the Fablesphere, is a realm created by master illusionist Artorius Vigo for Anna Henrietta and Sylvia Anna when they were children that brings many fairy tales and legends to life. However, the spell was only stable until 1252, at which time, without maintenance, magical entropy began to set in and the illusion began to take on a more twisted tone.

As the world had been created for the young princesses, Artorius had also put in place protection for the two girls. In this case, pixies, which attacked any intruders. They proved quite capable as every now and then knights errant, seeking to rescue a fairytale damsel, would find their way into this realm but then die shortly afterwards from the pixies.

It is accessible by speaking an incantation "Expecto Ludum!" while reading the magical book, The Land of a Thousand Fables.

Welcome sign[]

Upon arrival, a welcome sign from creator reads:

Girls! Welcome to the Land of a Thousand Fables!

Set out on a journey of wonder - enjoy yourselves!

-Uncle Artorius

WARNING! Spells will remain stable until: June 1252

Known characters[]


Associated quests[]


  • The steel sword is completely useless in the Fablesphere - as it's one big magical illusion, all must be attacked with a silver sword.
    • Similarly, because it's all one big illusion, the majority of the items you can loot here will disappear from the inventory once you leave the realm. Only exceptions are the armor and weapons.