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The Land of a Thousand Fables, also known as the Fablesphere, is a realm created by master illusionist Artorius Vigo for Anna Henrietta and Sylvia Anna, when they were children. It is inhabited by creatures from various fairy tales and legends. It is accessible by speaking an incantation — Expecto Ludum! — while reading a magical book ''The Land of a Thousand Fables''. The realm also has its own currency, [[magic gold]]. == Welcome sign == Upon arrival, a welcome sign from creator reads: <div style="text-align: center;">''Girls! Welcome to the Land of a Thousand Fables!<br><br>Set out on a journey of wonder - enjoy yourselves!<br><br>-Uncle Artorius<br><br>WARNING! Spells will remain stable until: June 1252''</div> == Known residents == {| border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" width="90%" align="center" |- valign="top" | width="33%" | * [[The Musicians of Blaviken]] * [[Little Red Riding Hood]] * [[Balbina the Goose]] * [[Wizard from Ofier]] * [[Prince Charming]] * [[Three Little Pigs]] * [[Little Flint Girl]] * [[Vizima Dragon]] | width="34%" | * [[Wicked Witch]] * [[Big Bad Wolf]] * [[Cloud Giant]] * [[Three Bears]] * [[Thumbelina]] * [[Pied Piper]] * [[Longlocks]] * [[Goldilocks]] * [[Billy Goat]] | width="34%" | * [[Wolpertinger|Wolpertingers]] * [[Unicorn (creature)|Unicorns]] * [[Emperor (Fablesphere)|Emperor]] * [[Griggs]] * [[Pixies]] * [[Puss (Fablesphere)|Puss]] * [[Jack]] * [[Joss]] |} == Notable landmarks == * Griggs village * Longlock's tower * A yellow brick road * Grand mamma's house == Associated quests == * [[Beyond Hill and Dale...]] * [[Duck, Duck, Goosed!]] == Trivia == * The steel sword is completely useless in the Fablesphere - every enemy is considered to be a monster and must be attacked with a silver sword. [[pl:Kraina Tysiąca Baśni]] [[ru:Страна тысячи сказок]] [[Category:Blood and Wine locations]]

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