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Two humans talking in Novigrad, using the language known as Common Speech

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Nenneke: You're not learning the local Skellige jargon but classical Elder Speech.
Ciri: And why am I learning the Speech, tell me?
Nenneke: So that you know it. It's fitting to learn things you don't know. Anyone who doesn't know other languages is handicapped.
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- Nenneke and Ciri during the latter's studies, Blood of Elves

A language is both a method and a system of communication used by sentient races. Some became extinct as the time passed, and its native speakers replaced it with a different one.[1]

From 8th into the 14th century, the Common Speech was considered most widespread[2] from Kovir and Poviss in the north, all the way down to Ebbing. By the 16th century though, it is considered endangered or even dead language.[3]


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