Disambig-icon This article is about the castellan of Creigiau. For the grandmaster armorer in Blood and Wine expansion, see Lazare Lafargue.

Lazare was a close friend of the former baron of Creigiau, Anton the Elder, and was given the position of castellan and the hand of the baron's cousin, Éanna, as a reward for services rendered. The couple had one child, a son named Marcas. After his wife was killed, supposedly by a leshy, Lazare tried to go easy on his son, though he wished Marcas would take more of an interest in politics.

During the melee with the griffin at Creigiau Castle in 1262, Lazare was taking bets for which knight would kill the creature. After Bryton de Creigiau killed it, Lazare told Geralt of Rivia to visit the castle's chapel in the morning. When the witcher got to the chapel, Lazare explained what had happened to Anton the Elder and his wife Éanna, while showing the witcher the tomb underneath the chapel.

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