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Disambig-icon This article is about Vesemir's pupil in The Witcher. For the character in the novels, see Leo Bonhart.

Leo was one of the many young orphans of the Second Nilfgaard War. Vesemir took him under his wing at Kaer Morhen and began training him as a witcher around the year 1264. Leo was not a full witcher, as he had not undergone the mutations, but he was intent on working on his craft. He was eager and seemed to want to be a witcher.

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Leo is the youngest of Kaer Morhen's residents. He's not a full witcher — though he has completed his training, he was not subjected to mutation. Leo comes across as a hot-headed whelp, but is also kind-hearted and good.
It appears that Leo is somewhat fascinated with me. He has heard the ballads about the White Wolf and now holds me in high regard.
Leo was killed by the Professor, one of the leaders of the assault on Kaer Morhen. The boy was too hasty and inexperienced. I wasn't able to help him, even though I was right beside him.
I saw Leo's face again — this time on a specter. It reminded me that I failed in the cellars of Kaer Morhen.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit


In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, he was mentioned in conversations with other characters, such as one with Vesemir. He also had a cenotaph to the south of Kaer Morhen. Upon its discovery, Geralt will have said: "Leo's grave... A senseless death, could've been avoided."

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  • The Prologue ends with Leo's funeral pyre, set upon the hill in the Kaer Morhen valley, attended by Vesemir, Lambert, Eskel, Triss and Geralt.
  • Leo appears only in The Witcher and not in any of Andrzej Sapkowski's books.
  • Over the course of the game Geralt makes multiple remarks that Leo was a friend of his and is deeply saddened of the boy's fate.
  • Leo can not use the Signs because he broke his fingers during training.
  • Leo had never killed a man.

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