This letter describing the location of the Lionhead Spider Cultists' crypt is found on the body of a dead knight in the Temple Quarter sewers. The lair has quite a few goodies and so is worthwhile visiting, but mind the fact that most goodies are guarded. Going to this lair is entirely optional. Additionally, this letter is not a quest item, but it can not be sold either as no one is interested in it.


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Instructions for Eric


The tortured blasphemers gave us only very general information. We know that the worshippers of the Lionhead Spider meet in one of the dungeons in the sewers. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to determine its location. One of the cultists had a key, which you will find enclosed. I wager anything that it opens the doors to the meeting place. Go into the sewers and try to locate the dungeon in question. Let the Eternal Fire light your way in the darkness.

Journal Entries

Associated Quest


  • On a knight's corpse in the Temple Quarter sewers. The knight is located in a dead end passage right by the entrance to the big Metal gate. (Where you fight Salamandra sect leader.)


  • The 'Eric' this letter is addressed to might be Eric Vogel, the author of The Flower and the Flame.
  • The letter persists on the ground wherever it is dropped, until the end of the current Chapter. This may be an indicator that it was intended for a more fully fleshed-out quest.
  • The dead knight can be found in both Chapter 2 and 3
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