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Letter from Agda's father to Timmon is a letter in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is found on one of the bodies of Timmon's brothers, Ulf and Mikkel, on the eastern side of Faroe, along with a key.

Journal Entry[]

Timmon of Clan Dimun!
I am delighted my Agda will wed as virile a warrior as yourself. Pride fills my heart to think your marriage will unite our two families. I trust you will forgive my absence, but with my many years and many more injuries, travel is no longer possible. I thank you for sending your brothers to escort Agda – my own lads are all drinking mead with our ancestors, so if not for Ulf and Mikkel, Agda would have no worthy company on her journey to her wedding ceremony. To start you on your path together properly, I will entrust Agda's dowry to your brothers, on behalf of myself and all our clan. I also convey to you both my sincerest blessings. Respect each other and live in harmony. May you thrive and prosper.
Yorgen of Clan Heymaey

Associated Quest[]