Letter of safe conduct is a document in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As King Radovid V has blocked off access to Redania across the Pontar, one needs one of these to cross through the military checkpoints.

There are two ways to obtain this one:

If the Hearts of Stone expansion is played standalone (by selecting "Hearts of Stone only" when starting a new game), the letter is included in the starting equipment.

Associated questsEdit

Journal entry Edit

In the name of His Majesty Radovid V, King of Redania, the bearer of the present document is entitled to the right of unfettered passage across all blockades on the Pontar River.


  • There's a minor difference between the one given by the Bloody Baron and Felix Grubb. The Baron's will be missing the red seal (like the fake version) but is still effective and allows Geralt to cross the military checkpoints.
  • A fake transit pass, which serves the same function, can also be purchased from the shady merchant at the Border Post.
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