Letter to Bartolomé de Launay is a document in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Journal Entry

Dear Bartolomé,
I have received your letter and am delighted you have found a solution to your problems. The witcher you described does indeed seem dangerous – and you yourself always told me they are all freaks and cold-hearted murderers.
Yet despite all that, I still think you should agree to his offer. If those diagrams truly do outline revolutionary new methods in armor smithing, not only will you be able to complete the contract Her Grace has given you, but you will also earn a great deal of glory for yourself. And that, I know, is what you value above all else.
Going to the bandits who dwell in the ruins of Arthach Palace for protection is a wise move. If the knights could not get the best of them, a witcher will also feel duly cowed in their presence. Shady miscreants of all types always respect each other. Still, be extra careful during that meeting. Bandits and witchers are not to be trusted.
Yours Truly,
Belinda de Launay

Associated Quest

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