Letter to Yanne is a document in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry

Yanne, my dearest son!
Ill is our lot of late. Singa's husband's ship crashed in a storm during its last expedition. Bjorn survived, thank the Gods, but weeks will pass afore his captain builds another and meanwhile life must go on. He weren't taken on for the building, so he's earning no coin. We're eating our winter stocks now, and I fear to think what we'll do when they run out. That's why I'm sending Singa to you and asking for your help on behalf of us all. If you can, find work for Singa, and then Bjorn and I will come to Kaer Trolde to stay with you. Perhaps there's some work for Bjorn with you at the forge? And if work is scarce around Kaer Trolde as well, lend Singa a few coppers, at least, and I'll give it all back with interest once we're out of this plight.
With belief in your good heart and thanks in advance,
Your loving mother

Associated quest

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