Lexandre was a witcher from the School of the Cat who perished in Toussaint during an ambush by Antoine Straggen and his hanse.


Lexandre had trained and undergone his mutations at the School of the Cat, but like some witchers, he showed disdain towards this lifestyle. In 1274, he finally acted on those feelings and killed some of his fellow witchers in order to steal some of the grandmaster witcher diagrams in hopes of making enough money off of them to start a new life in the south.[1]

Lexandre sent one of the diagrams to the ducal armorer Bartolomé de Launay along with a proposal: he would give him all of the witcher diagrams in exchange for coin and a full set of ducal armor.[2] De Launay accepted the proposal but, fearful of what the witcher could do to him, he organized the meeting at Arthach Palace Ruins, where Antoine Straggen and his hanse were located, for some "protection".[3] Lexandre, cautious of the situation, hid some of the diagrams in The Pits of Brume, where he knew no ordinary man would be able to reach them.[1]

The witcher then arrived at the ruins and everything appeared to go smoothly until he and the armorer agreed on terms and the witcher accidentally spilled where he had hidden the rest of his diagrams. The hanse then shot and killed de Launay with a crossbow and, while Lexandre was hit several times as well, he didn't die immediately. Instead, he was tortured by the hanse for their amusement.

Associated Quest


  • If the player looks around the ruins, they can find a burnt corpse that Geralt will remark on, possibly suggesting it's Lexandre's body.


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