Liam of Cidaris was a king of Cidaris with one known child: a daughter named Adda.

When Temerian King Goidemar's son, Amavet, was brutally killed by a vengeful husband (Roger Kameny), Goidemar pushed for a harsh judgement, despite the accused being a count. Having no other choice, the judges ruled for Roger to be sentenced to a brutal death and even nobles who were against Roger's killing of Amavet were in shock. After Roger's sentence was carried out, discontent among Temerian nobles started to grow and they tried to instigate a rebellion. Goidemar called for help and Liam came in with his army, helping to suppress the rebellion. This help did not go unnoticed and afterwards, though Goidmar had many different options, he chose to marry Liam's daughter, Adda.[1]

References Edit

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