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Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!

Linus Pitt was a master tutor and lecturer in Natural History at the Academy in Oxenfurt.

He was a short, thin man, dressed in a large, woolen and none-too-clean cloak pinned in place with a makeshift brooch.[1]


Travelling from Foam[]

In 1266, he departed from Foam on a barge headed for Novigrad, with the intent of getting off at Oxenfurt. On the trip he met Geralt of Rivia, who had been hired by the barge owners to protect it, and the two proceeded to have quite an animated discussion of swamp monsters and fish.

After the boat had been boarded and inspected by Redanian customs officers led by Olsen, they all continued on until they reached the banks of Oxenfurt. On the shore, fake Temerian "guards" shouted out for the arrest of Geralt and after some discussion, two aeschna attacked the guards and barge. After saving the young boy Everett from the creature, Geralt climbed aboard, and the whole crew including Linus continued on.[1]